Benefits of Laktotech ERP Software

Student Admission

Powerful Student Admission form add 40+ records for Student including previous School details. Add student siblings, RTE, IDs and multipledocuments to maintain complete record in student profile

Promote Students

Promote Students in next academic session based on pass/fail and continue/leaving school.

Fees Collection

Most advanced Fees Collection module available on envato market. Not just invoicing complete fees configuration including Fees Type, Fees Groups, Fees Master, Fees Fine, due Date etc

Fees Discount

Create Fees Discount like Staff Child, Sibling Discount early admission discount etc.

Fees/Discount Allotment

Fees and Discount Allotment on more than 5 different criteria. Allocate fees on whole class-section or on single student.

Collect Fees

State of the art collect Fees page to give whole details of Student Fees standing

Add Siblings

Smart School supports to add any no of Siblings at time Student Admission. Parent can check their all children in one parent account

Search Students

Search by Class-Section or any keyword like Student Name,Admission No, Father Name, ID No etc

Student Categories

Categories Students in a Class-Section based on different criteria like Caste, their Skill ability etc.

Profile System

Edit profile settings as you wish.

School Expense

Record School expense like Electricity Bill, Telephone bill, Miscellaneous bill etc.

Student Attendance

Manage Student Attendance smartly in few clicks. Get attendance report monthly Class-Section wise.


Complete Examination Management from exam create to exam schedule to Marks entry to progress report (2.2.0) with Grades.

Exam Schedule

Schedule Exams with Start/End Time, Exam Room, Full Marks and Passing Marks.

Marks Register

Enter Student Marks for exam with exam attendance.

Marks Grade

Add marks range wise marks grade.

Class/Grade & Section

Add any no of class/Grade and add any no of sections at once.


Add Subjects with Subject Code and select whether it is Theory or Practical subject.

Assign Subjects

Assign subjects and subject teacher on a class-section.

Class Time Table

Create subject wise class-section Timet Table for whole week with subject period Start/End Time and Class Room Number.

Download Center

Manage downloadable content for Students, Teacher like Syllabus,Assignments, Study Material etc.

Library Management

Complete Library Management System with Books add, Members add, Books issue/return.

Add Books in Library

Manage Books with complete Books inventory including details like ISBN, Author, Publisher, Track Number, Quantity, Price, Postdate etc.

Books Issue/Return

Add Student/Teacher Member the issue/return books in one click.

School Transportr

Manage School Vehicle/Bus/Van, Routes, and Driver details.

Transport Routes

Manage Bus Routes by assigning Vehicles and Driver details.


Manage School Hostel, Hostel Rooms with Room types.


Send messages to Students, Parents and Teachers through notice board.

Student Report

Get student Report based on Class-Section, Category, Gender & RTE.

Fees Statement Report

Get one shot student fees statement report.

Balance Fees Report

Get Class-Section balance fees report for total fees, discount, paid fees and balance fees.

Transaction Report

Get date range bound transaction report for fees collection and expense.

Attendance Report

Get Attendance Report monthly Class-Section wise.

Download Center

Manage downloadable content for Students, Teacher like syllabus,assignments, study material etc.

Exam Marks Report

Get Exam Wise class-section marks report for every student with grand total, percent% and result.

General Settings

Add system general settings like School Name, Address, School Code, Current Academic Session, Session Start Month, School Logo etc.

Academic Session

Create unlimited academic session year wise.

SMS Gateways

Supports multiple sms gateways including Clickatell, Twilio andcustom sms gateway to integrate any http based sms gateway.

Email Engines

Use smtp or sendmail email engines to send emails for notification.

Internet Payment Gatewaysr

Add PayPal account details to collect payment online from parent.

Backup & Restore

Create Backup of your database and restore any time from online or through upload backup file.

Multiple Languages

Smart School supports 73 languages Globally, the only software to support such a huge number of languages present on envato in education category.


RTL support to arabian languages.

Regular Free Updates

Regular updates are available to download for free..

Parent Monitoring

Parent can see their all children activity in single parent panel login, he can also pay children fees through PayPal online payment.

Export Data

Export report data in multiple formats e.g. PDF, Excel, CSV, Print & Copy.

Responsive User Interface

Smart School will cover all kinds of devices seamlessy.

Beautiful & Informative Dashboard

Graphs and Key figures makesbeautiful and Informative dashboardto provide snapshot of school.

6 User Roles With 6 Different Panels

6 User's roles Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Librarian, Parent & Student for their different functionalities.

Internal messaging

Admin can send private messages to Teacher, Student and Parent.

Print Records

Take printout of every records.

Home Work Document

Admin can send private messages to teacher, student and parent.

Internal messaging

Attach and download study documents.

Chart & Graph Analysis In Fees

Chart & Graph representationof fees and expenses.

Exam Marks Management

Manage Exam Marks of all Students.

Aesthetically Designed UI

Aesthetically Design user interface in HTML5, CSS3.


Trace Student Fees and Expenses all at a place.

Codeigniter Framework

Built on latest versionCodeigniter 3 php framework.

Developer Support Ready

Developer Support is available forcode customization.

Easy Customization

Easliy customization due to Codeigniter Framework and Coding best practices.

Best Quality with Dedicated Support

Best quality product offered with dedicated support.

Laktotech Labs Provides Premium Modules

Regular Free Updates

Regular updates are available to download for free.

Responsive User Interface

Smart School will over all kinds of devices seamlessy.

Multiuser Account System

Access for Admin, Teacher, Student and Parent.

Export Data in PDF

Export report data in PDF.

Codeigniter Framework

Built on latest version (3.0.0 ) of Codeigniter PHP framework.

Developer Support Ready

Dedicated developer support is available any time.

Student fees management

Manage student fees very easily.

Easy Customization

Easliy Customizable with the help of understandable documentation.

Multiple Language Support

Supports 21 different languages.

Class Routine Schedule

Very easy to Create and Manage class routine schedules.

Home Work Document

Attach and download study documents.

Parent Monitor Child Activity

Parent Monitor all activities of his child.

Chart & Graph Analysis in Fees

Chart & Graph representation of Fees and Expenses.

Exam Marks Management

Manage Exam Marks of all students.

Profile System

Edit profile settings as you wish.

Transport Management

Transport Management for all routes.

Hostel Management

Manage all hostels and their rooms.

Library Management

Systematic Management of all library books.

Best Quality at Lowest Price

Best quality product offered at lowest price.

Internal Messaging

Admin can send private messages to Teacher, Student and Parent.

Daily Attendance

Managing daily attendance is now hassle free.

Sibling Management

Manage multiple children of single parent in one parent account.


Organize classes in multiple sections for an easier management.

Database Backup / Restore

Easily backup, restore the whole database.

Print Records

Take printout of every records.


Trace student fees and expenses all at a place.

SMS Gateway Intergration

Get informed about student marks and events with SMS notifications.

Manual Payment

Ability to take manual payments in Cash, Cheque, DD.

Online Paypal Payment

Parent can pay Student fees form their parent account.

Aesthetically Designed UI

Aesthetically design user interface in HTML5, CSS3.